No Dave. 

Noah Mourns the passing of a local legend. 

And he gets drunk and tells the tale of a worst week ever. 

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Noah Warren gets possessed by the spirit of Oprah Winfrey and this fallow episode of When Harry Met Fatty becomes another episode of Noprah Warrenphry's Favorite Things!  Whatever you do...DO NOT look under your seat!

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Always a Bridesmaid, never a Byerly's. Oh Brother!  While you were WIGGing out with Kristen, our heroes Dave and Noah put on their gumshoes and got down to brass tacks about what really goes on in them GIRLS ONLY bridal showers. Along the way, we discover that we are only as sick as our secrets, Dave reveals ALL, Noah talks about how sitting next to a large black man can shape your movie going experience, and we all realize what it truly means to KEEP IT GUMMY!

Thanks for listening.

Questions?  Comments?  Need guidance?  Email Noah at  You'll be a star!

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In the game of life, there are no thrones. So stone the crows.

This Katherine Heigl Josh DUHamel venture was a feather in the cap of 2010, and our heroes Dave and Noah valiantly viewed this cinematic work for the benefit of Mr. You. 

Download or stream this mp3 and hear tales of Noah's Odyssey of the Mind kerfuffle, David's first kiss in the rain and how Heigl succeeded in this business without really buying...a clue!

Thanks for listening..and knowing the no unknowns.

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You Again

We Watch the chick flicks, so you don't have to!

On our maiden voyage, our heroes Dave and Noah plumb the depths of YOU AGAIN (2010) starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver and Sarah Marshall from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 

Along the way we uncover tales of school lunchery, forgotten cocktail recipes, and what it means to possess GATOR POWER. 

Thanks for listening!

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