This week Dave and Noah take a joyride, but not with '91 Swede-rock sensation Roxette,  they join the two Coreys in a Caddy for 1988's License to Drive, starring Corey Haim, Heather Graham, Corey Feldman and a bottle of champagne so big, you'll never be able to fit it in your glove compartment!

After flunking his written test for a driver's permit, Corey Haim gets asked out by the hottest Roller Girl in California.  She's got a brand new pair of rollerskates and he's got the keys to his Grampa's precious Cadillac.  But will he be able to get caddy back to his daddy in one piece? 

Dave shares his surefire methods of study for any student receiving a driver's education. Noah let's his inner gearhead shine and we pay tribute to a Corey who was put in Haim's way.

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This week Dave and Noah BUG OUT on 1986's Lucas, starring Corey Haim, Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, Wynona Ryder and Jeremy Piven.  What Corey Haim lacks in social skills, he more than makes up for in his love for bugs!  While out on one of his entomological quests, he comes across one damn fine specimen: Kerri Green, the new girl in town.  He falls for her, but school begins and she yearns to take to the fields as a cheerleader. Corey joins the football team and endures a heap of homoerotic torture just to earn her love...but her heart has taken a shine to wide receiver Charlie Sheen. Winning!

Dave flies to Burbank, California to interview the composer of Lucas' score. Noah suffers PTSD from having to watch a movie that involves sports. 

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This week Dave and Noah take the McDreamy Express back to sKool!!!  1987's Can't Buy Me Love stars Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Seth Green and Malachai from Children of the Corn!  Before he became Dr. McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey was 'lil McSpazzy, and through a convenient turn of events he secretly pays the most popular girl in his high school one grand to date him for a month.  Popularity, sex, and a snazzy Columbus Day dance ensue, only to quickly succumb to a miscalculated tsunami-esque abundance of emotions, feelings and boring-ass intimacy. A young and annoyingly precocious Seth Green couldn't have said it better, "Something stinks in Suburbia."

Dave and Noah share who they would like to rent for a month and Dave gives us a Palette Cleanser that puts the "ore" in "Whore"!

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Dave is at a Rave. 

Noah meets Royalty. 

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This week Dave and Noah crash the party of last century!  Can't Hardly Wait from 1998 stars Ethan Embry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green and an assortment of other poor souls who have since succumbed to the Y2K crisis at the turn of the century.

In order to earn her Ghost Whisperer wings, Jennifer Love Hewitt breaks up with the most popular stud in school.  Hearing that Jennifer is footloose and fancy free, Ethan Embry takes it upon himself to put out the torch that he's been carrying for her his entire highschool career.  He will pour his heart out to her at the Graduation Kegger that's raging at Molly's house. However, like the Hotel California, this party may have some brewskies on ice, but every person attending is a prisoner of their own device! 

Dave gives some sage advice to the class of 1998. Noah consults Wikihow for the what, when and where of life.

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This week Dave and Noah get their "just desserts" by watching Just One of the Guys from 1985. This poor man/woman's Tootsie stars Joyce Hyser, Clayton Rohner and "Johhny Lawrence" the Cobrah Kai bully from Karate Kid!

Joyce Hyser almost has it all: a bangin' bod, a college boyfriend to bang her bod, her own swimming pool, a friend that wears Cosby sweaters and a sexually precocious little brother.  However, her life can't be complete without a Summer internship at the Phoenix SunTimes.  When her english teacher Mr. Raymaker chooses two boys over her for the coveted position, Joyce decides to literally grow a pair and submit her application as a man at a neighboring highschool. Gender Bender hilarity attempts to ensue, delivered unto us by a chariot of 80's pop synthesizers. 

Dave and Noah head to the Warren family farm to ready their back to school supplies lists. Tucked away in the dark hills of River Falls, Wisconsin, they are far from the reach of any surprise jock inspection. 

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This week Dave and Noah put down their food diaries and pick up The Nanny Diaries, starring Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney, Paul Giamatti, Captain America and the ebony of all ivory: Alicia Keys!

How far will Scarly Jo go to find herself this summer? Having just graduated with a degree in Anthropology, she randomly gets offered a job to be a nanny for Laura Linney's Upper East Side Strife.  Minding a precocious brat whose parents alternate between being perpetually bitchy or lecherously horny to her, Scarly Jo soon catches the eye of Chris Evans, a Harvard Hottie who lives in the same building. Can his honky-but hunky love lift her up where she belongs? Only her Ethnic Best Friend Alicia holds the Keys to that quandary.

There once was a Nanny named Dave, who minded a cruiseship of knaves....Noah becomes your ethnic best friend.  

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This week Dave and Noah get a case of the "grumpies" and head over to Wabasha, MN  for 1993's Grumpy Old Men.  This is the conclusion of our Four part Summer series Fatty Goes Local, where we celebrate all Rom Coms related to Minnesota.

Grumpy Old Men stars The-Odd-Couple-turned-Old-timers Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. These two are proof positive that you don't need a family to have a feud, just a neighbor. Having spent decades feuding over the love of one woman, (who oddly enough isn't in the picture), Matthau and Lemmon find new realms in their contempt for each other after Ann-Margret moves in next door. Madison, the mermaid from Splash pops up in this, to give us a palette cleanser from all the liver spots.

Noah tells us why we must avoid Lake Pepin. Dave gets blinded by a date, revved up like a deuce, which, in turn, makes him another runner in the night.

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Dave has turned around bright-eyed and isn't available. 

Noah has a birthday and the worst first week of being 34. 

Listen closely for the breakdown, right after the closing theme. Its a stolen moment of for reals. 

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The dreck of the Nineties is alive in Dave and Noah's psyche as they suffer through 1999's She's All That starring Minnesota native Rachael Leigh Cook.  This is part 3 of our summer series Fatty Goes Local, where we celebrate the fruits of our state's talent pool. Or talent-lake perhaps? 

With Eight weeks left of his high school career, big-man-on-campus Freddie Prinze Jr. gets dumped by Harrison High's most popular prom queen. Freddie wagers with his buddies that before the end of the school year he can turn any girl of their choosing into prom queen material. Enter Rachel Leigh Cook, Harrison High's most "hideous" art nerd, who, dig this, wears her hair in a ponytail and hides her peepers behind...GLASSES!

Uh Freddie, you're gonna need a bigger corsage!

Dave talks about how he became a potato farming Mormon for a year and Noah shares a story about how he once drove 20 miles to see a theatrical showing of Josie and the himself. 

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